Last year we introduced a new format for both the Ladies and Gents singles competition (President’s Cup).  We propose doing the same again this year.  The competition will be a single day event to be held on Wednesday 24th July. Start time TBA.

Our green can take a maximum of 8 rinks, so in singles games 16 bowlers can bowl at any one time. Playing 4 wood singles for 8 ends.  Shots only to count. Winners go through to the next round. Losers of round 1 qualify for entry to the plate. Normal Rules regarding touchers and dead ends.

Round (1)         16 Bowlers, 8 qualifiers.

Quarter final       8 Bowlers, 4 qualifiers.

Semi finals         4 Bowlers, 2 finalists .

The draw for opponents will take place immediately before each round using the Gold and Silver discs we use for roll ups, i.e. the bowler who draws silver 5 will play the bowler who draws gold 5 on rink 5.   The gents will mark for the ladies and vice versa.

Please enter your name on the list on the Notice Board in the home pavilion if you wish to play.  

Richard Harrison