Bowling Reminders and Tips!

From time to time various queries arise regarding the regulations and rules of bowling, so hopefully herewith some answers and a few ‘Tips’!  Do take time to read them even if you have been bowling for years, the aim is to be helpful!

Placing the Mat

Make sure the centre of the mat lines up with the centre of the rink number on the rear ditch.  The front edge of the mat must be positioned not less than 2 metres from the rear ditch and as far up the rink as the marker indicating 25 metres from the front ditch.  Note the 2 metre and 25 metre markers on the sides of the Green – they are pale yellow on our Green. 

The Jack

This must be delivered no less than 23 metres from the front edge of the mat.  (If your mat is 2 metres from the rear ditch and you deliver the Jack the minimum 23 metres, it will rest in line with the marker indicating 25metres from the rear ditch.)  If you move the mat up ensure the Jack is delivered 23 metres from the front edge of the mat!   (Should your Skip ask ‘is your mat up?’ he is querying whether you have sent the Jack far enough i.e. 23 metres).  A rink measure is kept in the equipment shed.

Should the Jack come to rest less than 2 metres from the far ditch, it should be moved and centred 2 metres from the far ditch. .

If the Lead fails to deliver the Jack correctly it is then passed to the opposition Lead.  If they also fail to deliver it correctly, the Jack is placed 2 metres from the far ditch and centred.  The mat can then be moved by the first Lead who then commences bowling.

Delivery of Jack and Bowl

Ensure one foot is entirely within the confines of the mat – on the mat or directly above it.

Happy Bowling!