Message from the organisers Jenny & Roy

First of all many thanks to all 8 teams who participated in today’s Roy Wedley Trophy Competition.  Despite some very black clouds during Game 3, the rain held off!  It was a closely fought competition with a Play Off necessary to determine who came second and third.   A particular Thank you to the Scorers Jackie and Peter and to Pat W and Jan who provided us with tea –  special Thanks to Pat for the cakes!  We must give a really special Thank You to the Fab Four – Mac, Richard, Greg and Gordon who collected a lawn mower from Dick (ours was being repaired), transported it in Greg’s van and managed to clear the Green of worm casts and mow it in time for the match!

Winners were Alan B, Jenny and Tony B.

Runners Up were Bridget, Alan G and Richard J

(A Close Third was Sandra H, Peter H and Terry M)

Lastly it was lovely to have so many visitors to watch proceedings!

Thank you all again

Jenny and Roy