2022 Lads v Lasses

The Captains

Captain Jane & Gordon

The Teams

The Lasses

The Lads

The Players, Volunteers, Workers and Supporters, 

Message from the Chairman

Despite a couple of heavy showers it was a very enjoyable afternoon with the lasses only losing by 4 points!  Thank you to Jane and Gordon Lilley, team captains, of the day.  Thank you to everyone who took part and the spectators who came and entered into the spirit of the day, to Pat Hunt, Barbara Sharples, Jackie Knaggs for looking after the tombola, Pat Smith and Carol Boyall for doing the teas, Gloria for providing the cakes and Mac for giving us a quick breakdown of the money raised (£363).  Thank you to the members not mentioned who helped in any way to make the day a success. 

Richard Harrison

Message from the President

Dear Members

Can I please add my thanks to everyone who participated in the lads and lassies game on Saturday. It, as always, was a tremendous success and raised a fantastic amount of money for this year’s charity the Sue Ryder hospice. It has helped I know to make some people’s lives a little better.

Many thanks once again to everyone,

Best wishes to you all

Geoff Bridgefoot