Bowls Drive No.3 – Rules

GAME 1 (6 ends)

 “To warm up”

  • No jack
  • Mat up 3 pole lengths
  • 5 woods closest to end ditch score 1 point each
  • Knocking up (your woods) & knocking out (opponents woods) is encouraged!
  • Measuring: straight line from wood to edge of the green

GAME 2 (6 ends)

“Getting serious”

  • Normal bowls & no chalking

GAME 3 (6 ends)

 “Big points”

  • Normal bowls & no chalking
  • 1 point for each of the nearest  5 woods, regardless of distance from jack. 


  • Draw a Green or Yellow numbered token from the bag before each game
  • Maintain your own scorecard throughout
  • Dead ends: if an end becomes “dead”, offending team scores minus 1 point per person.  Do not replay the end.
  • A jack that is too long or too short, to be placed (not rolled again) by opponents at a distance of their choosing

                                                                                                                        18 July 2023